Lessons from my three year old…











Scarlett – curly-haired, independent, strong-willed and… three. She’s not the easiest combination to parent, but I can’t blame her for having all the right ingredients for an empowered woman one day, right? Her dad and I joke about it on a regular basis. She knows what she wants when she wants it and has no problem asking for it. So why do so many of us see a problem with asking for what we want?

This summer has been filled with some much-needed quality family time and I have learned quite a bit from my little ones, especially Scarlett. She has reminded me of the awe and wonder in seeing something new for the first time; I was lucky enough to capture this photo above as she discovered the beach this summer! She felt the sand between her toes and saw the magnificence of this huge body of water in front of her and you know what she did?

She went straight for it.

Not once did she second guess herself, not once did she think she couldn’t do it, not once did she think she wouldn’t do it…

She just did it.

Scarlett sparked a light inside of me to start living the life I want to live on my own terms and I am so grateful that she did. I received a gentle reminder just yesterday on how much I needed to stick to my guns and do what I love; the rest will fall into place with lots of hard work and consistency. You know who you are out there- I so appreciate you!

I hope this message inspired by my curly-haired wonder and the gentle nudge of the universe inspires you to go out and just do it.

Live the life you always dreamed of, you deserve it.




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