Meet Liza


Hello there, Welcome to Champagne and Lemonade!

I’m Liza!  I am New Yorker who took a chance on Phoenix about 9 years ago and have strived to embrace every minute of my life here in the desert.  I am a writer, a lover of fashion – particularly Bridal design (who doesn’t love weddings?), and interior design with a passion for personal growth and helping others. I decided to build Champagne and Lemonade to marry my two loves in life- passion for promoting personal growth for parents and kids; to share my stories, experiences, and to cultivate a community to help one another through marriage to having children and all the things in between.  

My love of weddings surfaced while working in a some of the most couture bridal salons in NYC. I loved working with brides and ensuring their vision of their dress was actualized to the highest level of their imagination. It was the most fun I have had in my career thus far, I knew helping brides and people is exactly where I am supposed to be.

Life can be busy- as a mom of three daughters who are 15, 8, and 2, I completely relate and live to balance my time between work and home life. With one daughter almost in college (still cannot believe how that happened), one in the tender grade of 3rd, and one a few years from kindergarten- you can say I have the full spectrum of girls living in my house at once. Its fun, crazy, and keeps my on my toes at all times! I promise the stories I will share will make you laugh yell out loud and be inspired everyday to be the best that you can be. 

As a mom with a full time career,  I had this crazy idea to create a place with parents and kids can come together to learn about new ways to parent actively, positively, and respectfully to promote a happy and healthy lifestyle you and your children. A place where parents can swap ideas, know that they are not alone, and have a sense of community. It only takes one idea to change the view of many and with that idea in mind Champagne and Lemonade was born. 

I hope you all enjoy exploring the site and please email me with any comments and questions!

Stay Positive, Stay Present


Xo Liza